Building an Eco-Tourism Site

The foundation owns a 9.4 hectare of land,  abundant with tarsier territories. The land is kept as a sanctuary and is under the care of the foundation. As the foundation being a private movement, Eco-tourism has been a funding source.



For the eco-tourism site, the foundation has 1 hectare of enclosed area home to 5-10 tarsiers, a open space for guest to walk around, 2 cottages for resting during the day, and an information center.



The enclosure is intended to make their area 100% free from natural predators and discourage poachers that might sneak up at night for an easy tarsier hunting. When the tarsier feel threatened in their territory, their instinct would be to find another.

Males are very critical with territory. Hence 8 of them are females and 2 are males. This is an unnaturally high number indeed. And it is no surprise that in some days we find 4 or 5.


The foundation keep the environment of the enclosed area abundant with food by placing dark lights at night, to attract insects, and by throwing in live insects to maintain an abundance of food. The Tarsiers still need to hunt them to preserve their natural instincts of hunting.

But the tarsiers would still leave the enclosed area, as it is an open enclosure, went out to hunt during the night. Since they are territorial, positioning themselves in a new territory would result to injury or death. So without threats, the tarsier remains in their territory as long a their is an abundance of food.

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