Day Trekking

If you love nature, hiking, adventure, and a little bit of challenge, then this one is for you. Although seeing a tarsier is likely, but not guaranteed, the experience is amazing and apparently, so does the view.

Trek Duration? 

The trek ranges from a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 3 hours (depending on you) from the Research Center to viewing deck in the middle of the forest and back.

How much will you pay?

P500 fee (direct to the guide). One guide per group or as suggested.

P60 entrance for the foundation.


  • Keep voice extremely low as much as possible
  • do not litter or leave anything
  • do not take anything.

WHAT TO EXPECT: It’s a natural environment, thus the trail will be muddy when raining (umbrellas are no use when raining too, so just prepare rain coat), thick growth of bushes and trees, some trails are slippery, some a little up hill, some a little narrow. You will be drenched in dew or sweat after the trek so bring extra shirt. Make sure to bring bottle of water.

IMPORTANT: This tour is subject to weather conditions. Your safety is our priority.


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