Research Component

How to conduct Research in the Foundation’s Tarsier Sanctuary?

  • Send a letter of intent via email stating which University the research is affiliated or any other institutions together with the Research Methodology, or ¬†any document stating the research topic and scope and methodology.

Send to:

Address to: Joannie Mary Cabillo/Program Manager/Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Inc./km. 14, Canapnapan, Corella, 6337 Bohol, Philippines

  • Wait for the foundation’s letter of approval to research. It usualy takes 7 days, as the Chairman of the Board will issue the Letter of Approval. Send this letter to DENR to get a Gratuitous Permit to research. The Gratuitous permit might take time to be released by DENR, but you can now start researching in the Tarsier Foundation.
  • Communicate further the research details with Carlito Pizarras who will supervise the research and also if needed by the researcher, assistance.
  • Please send the output of the Research.

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